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We have lived and worked in Noto and the Asinaro River Basin since 2005, restoring land, buildings and infrastructure that had been neglected for decades. We are a non-profit, working through networks of projects, partnerships and idea exchanges to promote rural regeneration, social innovation and green transition in this part of Sicily. We work with local people, migrants and volunteers, aiming to bring fresh thinking to local challenges, and to turn these into opportunities for growth, sustainable jobs and community. We focus on river basins as places for experimenting with innovative approaches.


Michael Street has over 40 years’ experience in Africa, Asia and Europe as a project engineer, development consultant, teacher, lecturer, farmer, builder and expedition leader. He has been based in Sicily since 2003.


Natasha Owen has led projects on culture change, strategy, communication and development in corporate and non profit sectors. BA Hons Oxford University, MBA London Business School. She has been based in Sicily since 2003. 

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