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Many of the challenges present in the Asinaro River Basin can be re-imagined as opportunities when we consider the bigger picture. In this initial mapping process, a range of people and 'stakeholders' will participate in creating a shared understanding of the 'system' of the river basin and a shared view of the bigger picture.


Mapping the basin - What's going on? is a process of bringing together stakeholders to ask: What does this ecosystem look like? Where are its boundaries? What makes it thrive? What are its resources and potential? What are the challenges? Where are the opportunities? What do we need to do most urgently? Who needs to be involved? What are we doing already that we can integrate? Where and how can we collaborate? From this process of enquiry projects will be identified that support rural regeneration, social innovation and the transition to a green economy and that are able to create real, sustainable impact and engage local communities. Projects currently in development:

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